Prosperity Cash Machine

Can LGN prosperity really deliver on all the promises?

Is the lifestyle of your dreams really just around the corner with this company?

Just what if your mailbox turned into a virtual slot machine that read 777 on the side. Over an over again, you lift the red flag and in pops checks for $770 bucks.

What if you were able to profit from the 3 biggest cash producing industries on the planet? Travel, software, and self help training?

I mean that would be sweet, right?

Well my friend, your about to get your “lucky” break, or so they say.

This company just started in December of 2009. LGN prosperity was formed by a man named James Ward who is the mastermind behind LGN revolution, another online money making project that’s been in business for about 2 and half years.

So how does it work? Basically, in LGN prosperity, you fork out $300 bucks for a membership website that allows you to download ebooks, software and other personal development stuff.

I have not yet personally looked at the products so I can’t say for sure if the value is there for the $299.

One big advantage to this company is they really do have a cool website.

I’m curious, however, how come they don’t use any name recognition from their “top trainers” to borrow some credibility.

If people like Brian Tracy or Mark Victor Hansen were involved in this project, you would think they would use those “Big Names” as a selling point on the website.

One website said that all the products can be found at no cost on other websites.

Of that, I don’t know.

The thing that is really exciting regarding this opportunity is the fact that it’s easy for the vast majority of people to understand. That, my friend, is a recipe for rapid growth.

In It also has some “get rich quick” aspect to the presentation as prospects can see themselves cycling over and over in a very short amount of time, and getting $777 checks printed each time. That’s pretty appealing.

The income in this compensation plan will be entirely based upon consistently bringing new recruits into the business.

There have been companies that produced MASSIVE incomes for their reps using similar style compensation plans. Destiny Telecom was a company that sold a calling card. The compensation was similar in that there was a one time only purchase.

This company will get some good short term publicity and attention if it takes off like some companies of the past.

Most likely, distributors will be trapped in a never ending sales job striving for a cycle so they can get a check.

LGN prosperity seems like a decent project with some good income potential but I want to let you in on a little secret.

There are over 1000 network marketing companies, each promoting jaw dropping pay plans. Do you want to know where the real money is made?

Imagine a fire hydrant that you could turn on whenever you want. But instead of shooting out water, this fire hydrant shot out people that were hungry for opportunity. These people were not only drooling for opportunity, they had money to spend and they were ready to put that money wherever you told them to.

What if, each day, you had to limit your phone appointments to 20 minutes each because so many people wanted to work with you in your business?

It really wouldn’t matter so much what program you were promoting because you could fill up any compensation plan you wanted, in a very short amount of time and make a ton of money.

Don’t get caught up on the wrong things. With LGN prosperity, you’re still going to have to find people that want to join a business.

Without being able to recruit opportunity hungry people, you won’t make a dime.

Fortunately, thousands and thousands of people get online every day looking for ways to make money from home.

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